Can you do twilight training?

Yes, we can deliver the training at a time that suits you, including at the end of the school day.

How much is a training course?

We develop a quote for each order, as the training tends to differ for each client. The price is a fixed amount regardless of the number of attendees. The price is based on the cost of developing the course, as well as the time needed to deliver it.

Do you charge extra for travel?

Travel costs will be included as part of the final quote. If the training is in Buckinghamshire we would not normally charge for travel. However, if the psychologist will need to travel further than normal we would include these costs as part of the final quote.

Will we receive paper copies of the presentation?

All material will be distributed electronically. This will include a copy of the slides and any documents that were discussed during the course.

How many people should we invite to the training?

The number of people you invite is up to the client. Consider how you would like the training to be run, and what you are want to get out of it. If there is a small number of delegates, the training will be very interactive. If there is a large number the style will be more like a lecture.

Can you run a session for parents?

Yes! Our psychologists have previously run training sessions aimed at parents e.g. managing anxiety in children.