In 2017/18 Health Education England contracted Psychology4Learning Ltd to deliver Counselling Skills training to secondary school staff in Buckinghamshire. This is part of HEE 2017/18 Education and Training Fund for Vulnerable Groups.

The courses aims is to develop the social interaction and relationship skills of those working with vulnerable Children & Young People (in particular those with Special Educational Needs) in frontline education settings within Buckinghamshire through the use of ‘counselling skills’. The course will also provide an introduction to mental health terminology and when to seek advice and support.

The course emphasises the day to day social interactions that we have with one another. This may include our interactions with adults as well as with children and young people. The emphasis is very much upon what may be termed ‘therapeutic interactions’, rather than individual therapy. It is hoped that participants will begin to develop the skills necessary to become skilled helpers. It also offers a framework to structure helping interactions with children and young people.

P4L Training

Our Story

Psychology4Learning Ltd is a private educational psychology service. The counselling skills training is unusual in that it will be delivered by educational psychologists, providing an extra insight into the needs of vulnerable children and young people.

Once the HEE funded training is complete, Psychology4Learning will be available to deliver counselling skills training to other organisations, in other parts of the country.

Next Steps...

If you would like to speak to someone at Psychology4Learning regarding Counselling Skills please contact P4L directly.